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Noble Globetrotter II at Wiltonhaven, Schiedam

These aerial photographs of the ultra deep water drilling ship Noble Globetrotter II were taken in November 2012 in the Wilton harbor (Huisman yard), Schiedam. The top series was taken on November 22nd. The drilling tower was just fitted on the ship by HLV Rambiz, but when I arrived, the job was done. The images below these were taken a few day earlier when the drilling tower still was on the quay.

These images were taken by a camera lifted by a kite.

NL: Dit zijn luchtfoto's van de Noble Globetrotter II, genomen in de Wiltonhaven . Het is een “Ultra-Deepwater Drilling ship”. De foto's zijn genomen in november 2012. Voor het nemen van deze foto's hing de camera aan de lijn van een vlieger.

05993.jpg Rated Water Depth: 10,000 ft

Drilling Depth:       40,000 ft 
Length:               189 meters
Width:                32 meters
Accommodation:        180 people

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<googlemap3 type=“hybrid” width=“800px” height=“300px” zoom=“15” lat=“51.907849” lng=“4.37749”> 51.907849,4.37749, Camera; </googlemap3>

Aerial images of the Noble Globetrotter 2 in Schiedam

Theses images were taken on November 22nd. The drill tower was just mounted on the ship

Earlier aerial images of the Noble Globetrotter 2

Theses images were taken on November 11th. The drill tower still on the quay

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