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Backhoe dredger MAGNOR, Boskalis

De enorme Backhoe dredger MAGNOR van Boskalis komt aan bij het hoofkantoor (Kethelhaven, Papendrecht). De MAGNOR kan daar de komende dagen bezocht worden door het personeel. Het is grootste backhoe dredger van de wereld.

Backhoe dredger MAGNOR, Boskalis The new backhoe dredger MAGNOR, build by Ravestein for Boskalis, is the largest Backhoe Dredger in the World. At 72.0 x 20.4 x 5.5 mtr the Magnor is larger than any other backhoe dredger.

Two large deck cranes are fitted for work on- and changing of the equipment (boom, stick and bucket) of the excavator. With the spuds of 40 mtr length she will be able to dredge to depths of 32 mtr. The biggest bucket will have a capacity of 45 m3, nearly 1½ times the volume of a 20’ ISO Container.

The excavator based on a Caterpillar 6090. The total installed power is 4,100 kW. The MAGNOR will be able to lift no less than 67 tonnes of dredged material.

Kaart: Ketelhaven bij het hoofdkantoor van Boskalis

Backhoe dredger MAGNOR, Boskalis, Papendrecht

A backhoe dredger is a spud-rigged pontoon with a backhoe excavator mounted on it. It is able to dredge a wide range of materials, such as rubble and soft or fractured rocks. The MAGNOR is both very large and very powerful: it can handle large quantities of hard material.

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