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Barge Master, Wiltonhaven, Schiedam

ENG: These are aerial images of the brand new Barge Master, a large motion compensated platform for offshore lifting. These images were taken at the Wiltonhaven in Schiedam on December 12th 2012 just before its official christening. The camera was lifted by a kite.

NL: Dit zijn luchtfoto's van de spiksplinternieuwe Barge Master , een dynamisch gestabiliseerd platform voor offshore werkzaamheden. Ze zijn genomen op 12 december 2012 bij de Wiltonhaven in Schiedam. Voor het nemen van deze foto's hing de camera aan de lijn van een vlieger.

Het kaartje geeft de locatie van de camera aan.

Barge Master Barge Master is a large hydraulic platform that compensates wave percentages upward of 95%. The purpose is to increase workability and make offshore installation activities safer.

The workability during offshore installation activities is strongly influenced by both weather and sea conditions. The “swell” (long waves) has an especially significant impact on the motions of supply vessels and crane barges, often putting onboard personnel, equipment and installation components at risk.

See this cool movie!


<googlemap3 type=“hybrid” width=“800px” height=“300px” zoom=“15” lat=“51.907849” lng=“4.37749”> 51.907849,4.37749, Camera; </googlemap3>

Aerial images of the Barge Master

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