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Vixen Tor and Great Staple Tor, Dartmoor, UK

Dartmoor has beautiful hills with spectacular rock formations of which the height is between is between a few meters and a few tens of meters. We visited two of them: Vixen Tor and Great Staple Tor. Their location is shown on the map.

Kite Aerial Photography

These images were taken by a camera lifted by a kite (6.5 foot Rokkaku). The weather was great for taking photographs: stable wind and low evening sun.

Background Information

Dartmoor is known for its tors – large hills, topped with outcrops of bedrock, which in granite country such as this are usually rounded boulder-like formations. More than 160 of the hills of Dartmoor have the word “Tor” in them but quite a number do not.

Source: Wikipedia

Vixen TorGreat Staple Tor

Vixen Tor

After walking one km to visit Vixen Tor we were disappointed to encounter barbed wire and 'Keep Out' signs. Of course these do not apply to birds and other things that fly… like cameras 8-)

Vixen Tor is one of Dartmoor’s largest most striking natural features and until 2003 had been enjoyed by locals, walkers and climbers alike. Today it sits behind barbed wire fences and has “Keep Out” painted in large letters on its majestic stone sides due to the present owners dislike of sharing the countryside with others


A longer story about the fences, the money involved, the lawyers, the protest marches, etc. can be found at The Forbidden Tor of Dartmoor: great reading!!!

Great Staple Tor

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