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Semi Submersible heavy lift vessel BLACK MARLIN (Dockwise/Boskalis) brings dredging equipment from Egypt to Rotterdam. The cutter dredgers on deck were deployed to the Suez Canal expansion project. Dredgers on deck: JOKRA (Boskalis), EDAX (Boskalis), ZEELAND II? (Van Oord). Utilit vessels on deck: BKM101 an AILEEN M

Tip: also have a look at the images of the Van Guard and the Blue Marlin

BLACK MARLIN carrying cutter dredgers from Suez Canal project ====== Dockwise BLACK MARLIN ====== Semi Submersable heavy lift vessel
Length o.a. 217.50 meters
Length b.p. 206.57 meters
Breadth moulded / max. 42.00 meters
Deck Space (L X B)* 165.60 x 42.00 meters
Depth 13.30 meters
Draft submerged at FPP / APP 23.34 meters
Maximum draft 10.08 meters
Water-depth above main deck FPP / APP 10.00 meters
Deadweight 57,021 metric tons
Speed 14.5 knots

These images were taken in September 2015 in the Port of Rotterdam. The camera was lifted by a kite.


Black Marlin, Rotterdam

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