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Queen Mary 2, Rotterdam, Kop van Zuid

De The Queen Mary 2 (QM2), een van de grootste cruiseschepen van de wereld, op bezoek in Rotterdam op 7 juni 2012. De camera die deze foto's nam, hing aan de lijn van een vlieger. Tip: bekijk ook de foto's van de Queen Elizabeth

De sessie werd afgebroken op verzoek van de havenpolitie (angst voor terrorisme 8-O). Gelukkig had ik toen al 300 foto's…

This image was taken with a camera lifted by a kite.

dsc08044.jpgFrom the Queen Mary 2 website “QM2” is the first liner to be built since QE2 35 years earlier. QM2 entered service in January 2004 and is the largest, longest, widest, tallest and most expensive passenger liner in history.

No ship has ever been designed like QM2, a liner which sets the benchmark for others, extends the boundaries of ship design, and which is the most powerful and fastest since Cunard's own QE2. QM2 is a technically advanced machine far ahead of any passenger ship in service today, and will be so for some many years to come.

Gross Tonnage	150,000 tons (approx.)
Length	        1132 feet (345 metres)
Beam	        135 feet (41 metres)
Height	        236 feet 2 inches (72 metres)
Passengers	2,620 (3,090 max)
Crew            1250


The map shows the approximate location of my camera: Rotterdam Cruise Terminal, the home of the the old 'Holland Amerika Lijn'.

Foto's van Queen Mary 2 in Rotterdam

Terug naar het overzicht..

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