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Uitbreiding Maasvlakte, bezoek Waterway

EN: 'Uitbreiding Maasvlakte' is a large land reclamation project. It's purpose is to enlarge the Port of Rotterdam. 240 million m3 of sand have to be moved. Find out more about this gigantic infrastructure project on the Maasvlakte2 site.

NL: Meer informatie over de uitbreiding van de Maasvlakte is te vinden op de Maasvlakte 2 site.

Tijdens dit bezoek heb ik foto's genomen vanaf een van de bagerschepen van Boskalis: de Waterway.

Maart 2010

<googlemap3 type=“map” width=“800px” height=“300px” zoom=“12” lat=“51.956675” lng=“3.999”></googlemap3>

The first part of this page is a very special series: aerial images taken while flying a kite from a hopper (Trailing Suction Hopper dredger). Thanks to the Waterway's crew and captain Jan's hospitality and assistance!

The other images were taken while traveling to an from the Waterway.

The images are best viewed large: click on image and hit F11 to enter full screen mode.

Flying a kite on the Waterway...

It was not easy to find a suitable spot to fly the kite: no obstacles for the kite line, even when the ship turns. We decided for front deck crane's 'balcony'. The red circle shows the location…

Waterway in action

Low altitude

These images were taken by a camera lifted by a kite.

Higher altitude

These images were taken by a camera lifted by a kite.


Creatures great and small...

Vessels: large and small

William Wallace

HAM 310




Terug naar het overzicht..

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